Natalia Tanasiiciuc, artist from Moldova in Norway

The young soprano Natalia Tanasiiciuc is one of those who leads the country’s reputation abroad. She plays on the world’s most important stages and is a soloist of the Opera in Oslo, Norway where she is living. About her work and future plans, the artist told the show “Who comes to us?”, at Moldova1. Natalia will perform for the first time in Moldova on February 15th at Arts National Museum, 6.00 pm. 

Love for music is inborn, she says, but it emphasizes and develops and time with work. She participates in competitions that bring her many awards. Besides, she acquires experience, this is a very precious thing.

Link to Norway has been lasting for three years. She had some auditions and was accepted after more than six months. After that, it followed a year of collaboration with the Opera in Oslo, where she was invited as a soloist. It was challenging to change the residence, to be away from loved ones, but she says it is beneficial for the mind and body, especially that she will move to Switzerland  next year.

Natalia Tanasiiciuc, artist

The public in Norway is more modest, hard to get but when persuaded is the warmest public that an artist can have. Scandinavians are very receptive to what you do on stage, but you must devote yourself entirely, something that Natalia makes with all her conscientiousness.

Publicitate comercială

She is currently home but did not come just to rest. On February 15, at the National Arts Museum she will perform a vocal recital for people with a heart open to classical music. She says that all are invited warmly and welcome to the concert that will mark also the 25th anniversary.