Photo: Natalia Ghilascu, Global Women Show event in Los Angeles

Living in the era of consumption, self-pride and obedience, an initiative of courageous women from different countries merged into a platform called Global Women. It inspires humanity to take a new path in life.

The charm and inner voice of powerful women leaders who found this platform has brought hundreds of women to aspire for a better future. Most of the inspiring stories shared last night in West Hollywood on stage of Hilton Hotel tell about the power to change yourself before others start notice a difference that a woman can make in the world.

Global Women initiative leader, Mirela Sula from Albania, initiated this network a few years ago when she strived to make her living in London, leaving behind all her career, but deeply knowing that a new shift would have come into her life. She thinks it is all about dreaming big and then through decisive action, powerful women like her turn those dreams into reality.

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It took her ten years after coming as a village woman to Tirana and then to London to build her life from scratch. She was always wondered why would a voice tell her that she has not done enough. Later on, she resigned her job as a lecturer at the university, sold her business, sold her house, car and as a single mother started a completely new journey.

“I was motivated to start this initiative of raising more awareness about women empowerment through sharing their stories, which led to the vision and creation of Global Woman Clubs for women all around the world”, she said on stage.

This is how ten women of different backgrounds, culture and nationality, were invited to share their stories in a magazine called Global Women, write a chapter in the book and speak at a conference in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Successful global entrepreneurs like Robbie Spencer Mathews who was born in Chicago, Illinois said that failure is not an option. Even if she was raised homeless and with no money left for food, she was always confident to accomplish any goal and learned to raise herself and take care of her children.

Aura Imbarus (originated from Romania) and Connie Lee-Bennett (Paris), Global Women Show, Los Angeles

She managed to become an engineer and was one of the few black people in computer technology, thus being considered an example. In 33 years, she was the only woman in a room full of senior level white men. Now she has a mission to change how people think, act and feel and is committed to inspire women around the globe.   

A young lady from Estonia, Laura Timm, says she had the most amazing mother in the world who thought her to be independent and not fear changes. Even if her classmates had always told her that she dreamed too big, she has learned that the real limitation in life comes from inside of us and not vice- versa. “For me, not reaching my vision would have meant living in regret and unfulfilled potential.

During difficult times, I had to persist and continue believing in my self”, said Laura, who knew she had a purpose at only 12 years old. Finally, she made it to London to have her dream come true as a business mentor, where she did not have to be great to start, but had to start to become great.

Connie Lee Bennett is another phenomenal woman who broke up the chain of an abusive relationship with her husband, when she was frequently intimidated with Bible scripts of how a woman should behave or say. From an obedient and oppressed woman stage, she was released by fear as she was always searching for inner freedom. Every day she now wakes up, raises up a question: “How can I inspire others to live more in freedom today?” She believes that connecting with her soul each morning, the actions she takes would be soul inspired for that specific day. 

Laura Timm (Estonia) hugging Mirela Sula (Albania) at Global Women Show, LA

Women who joined the platform aspire to share their message by inspiring stories for empowering more women around the world. It is about dreaming big and then through decisive action, turning those dreams into reality, they believe.

Aura Imbarus, a journalist from Romania who moved 20 years now to USA, became part of the platform by writing for Migrant Woman Magazine first, which then turned into an exceptional idea of Global Women platform so that it covers more audience.

She, like many others who have discovered about the network, is very determined to bring the project to Romania. She believes business women in the area could enormously contribute to the network, as well as learn and connect with other powerful and talented women. She became a media partner via See Beyond Magazine that she leads in various countries, and has promoted many successful women that decided to spread out the good news about becoming big.

Their experiences of traveling the world, the knowledge gained through their life, challenges faced, achievements and success, and their worldly wisdom will provide valuable insights and inspiration for all participants attending.