Amnesty International is revolted by the attempt of the General Prosecutor’s Office to intimidate the International Movement for Human Rights and to disqualify the organization’s expertise, a message manifested in a press released issues today. 

“We consider unacceptable the manner the Prosecutor General’s Office organized an event by planning “a public execution”, and namely presenting an agenda about strengthening the cooperation between the General Prosecutor’s Office and Amnesty International Moldova”, is stated in the public release.

According to Amnesty International Moldova, it is not of the competence of the General Prosecutor’s Office to initiate discussions and to question annual reports, press-releases or other documents, all related on human rights and freedoms in the Republic of Moldova.

Publicitate comercială

Amnesty International admits that a discussion on a possible analysis of the human rights situation in the Republic of Moldova and, in particular, of the Petrenco case, could be called by the Parliamentary Committee for HR.

As well, Amnesty International calls upon the civil society of the Republic of Moldova and the international bodies to take note of the actions of the General Prosecutor’s Office and to join forces against the political authorities of the country trying to monopolize all areas of the country’s social, economic and political life.

As regards the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office to consult the AI ​​Reports before they are issued, based on AI analysis of the Human Rights situation in over than 150 countries, AI have been carried out for almost 60 years by the international Human Rights movement, are endorsed by international Human Rights experts, being documented from the earliest sources, and contain only direct information from various international mechanisms’ reports and notorious international partners all-around the world.