Center for civil and human rights in Georgia
Center for civil and human rights in Georgia

Moldova will use Georgia as a role model as it develops it’s own national human rights protection action plan. A Moldovan delegation paid a visit to Georgia to learn about the country’s experience introducing its own human rights laws, and meet with Georgian human rights experts.

Georgia introduced its State Strategy and Action Plan on Human Rights in 2014. The seven-year document highlighted state priorities and strategies regarding the protection of human rights.

A press release from the Administration of the Georgian Government stated Georgia was sharing it’s new-found experience with its Moldovan visitors.

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The delegation learnt in detail the specificity of the work of the Human Rights Inter-agency Council and the Government Administration’s Human Rights Secretariat,” stated the press release. Moldova planned to develop its own Human Rights Strategy, using Georgia as an example, during 2017.

During the visit the Georgian side expressed its readiness to continue technical support of the Moldovan government regarding developing documents and institutional framework of human rights protection,” the Georgian Government’s press office said.