First counselling office for minors was opened in Drochia, Moldova

Photo: Marina Vatav

In Republic of Moldova, 63% of women have been subject to at least one form of domestic violence — sexual, physical, psychological or economic. Now six non-governmental organizations, based in Chisinau, Drochia, Hancesti and Causeni are looking for the most efficient ways to eliminate domestic violence.

The Maternal Center “Ariadna” from Drochia works with victims of violence as well as aggressors to help them overcome violence. They practice the involvement of “positive champions” — women who have managed to overcome violence and are encouraged to share their experience with other abused women.

One of them is Rodica Carpenco. “I’ve been married three times and each time I have been subject to violence. The Center specialists have worked with me for eight years. When I tell other women what I went through and how I managed to overcome problems, they trust me. Society still does not perceive domestic violence as a real problem,” said Rodica Carpenco.

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First counselling office for minors in Drochia

Still in Drochia, the first counselling office for minors who witnessed violence has opened recently. While the child has a discussion with the psychologist-pedagogue, the prosecutor and judge monitor the hearing, which is recorded on camera and presents the evidence in court. In Drochia, the priest participates in combatting violence by having conversations with couples around the concept that both partners have the same rights in the family.

Causeni experience: Youth Involvement

Ana Schiopu represents the Psychological Association “Tighina” from Causeni. Youth volunteers from the village try to eliminate violence by discussing with boys who have been victims or witnesses of domestic violence, to prevent them from repeating the behaviours they experienced.

There are innovations within the police as well. The association Promo-Lex works with police from Hincesti rayon to improve the assistance they offer to people facing cases of violence.

These innovative experiences were debated at a workshop organized by UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women in August 2016.