Moldovan top prosecutor has resigned for better justice system

Corneliu Gurin, top prosecutor
Corneliu Gurin, top prosecutor

Moldova’s top prosecutor says he will resign to pave the way for reforms in the former Soviet republic that is mired in political and economic turmoil.

Prosecutor General Corneliu Gurin told lawmakers Friday he would leave the post he has held since 2013, on March 1. His announcement came a day after Parliament approved two prosecutors’ offices, as part of reforms to streamline the justice system.

“It’s important to start reforms from the top, to show we are ready to have a fresh start with an honest, constructive approach,” Gurin said.

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Moldovans have been protesting for months about the more than $1 billion that disappeared from three banks before November 2014 parliamentary elections, demanding a thorough investigation and early elections. Moldova has had six prime ministers in the past year.