Thousands Stage Antigovernment Protest In Moldova

photo: Radio Free Europe
photo: Radio Free Europe
photo: Radio Free Europe

Thousands of protesters have demonstrated on the streets of Moldova’s capital, demanding that the government resign and calling for early elections, informs Radio Free Europe.

The government building in Chisinau was encircled by a heavy police presence on April 24 that Moldova’s Interior Ministry said would be sufficient to ensure public order during the protest, which was organized by the pro-European Dignity and Truth party.

The protesters claim Moldova’s government is under the influence of a politically connected business class that dictates policy.

Publicitate comercială

Moldova has been mired in political turmoil over the past year.

The parliament last month announced that the country will hold a presidential election on October 30, the first time the electorate will directly choose the impoverished ex-Soviet state’s head of state since 2001.

Earlier in March, a court ruled in favor of having direct national elections to choose a president rather than a vote in parliament — a concession to protesters who had demonstrated for months against the political elite.